Business in vietnam, hotels, vietnam travel, tours: The art exhibition of 3 artists from Vietnam and Japan will open until Nov 20

The art exhibition of 3 artists from Vietnam and Japan will open until Nov 20


No-where or Now-here, the first collaborative effort by three artists from Vietnam and Japan, will be on display in Hanoi until November 20.

The exhibition is part of a project funded by the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange aimed at introducing promising young artists to broader audiences in Vietnam as well as providing an opportunity for the artists to explore further development of their creativity.

Motoyuki Shitamichi, Mamoru Okuno and Tuan Mami first met at the Tokyo Wonder Site through its artist-in-residence programme. As their discussions grew, they became interested in each other's views and concepts, and gradually felt something common in their artwork.

This exhibition is their first attempt, after finding congenial spirits in each other in Tokyo, to create new art through their observations and research in Hanoi.

Shitamichi and Mamoru stayed in Hanoi for one month to complete the project.

Shitamichi focuses attention on things that are placed on streets to cross over gaps; a wooden chip or a stone turns into something like a "bridge" when it is put in the exhibition.

Okuno helps audiences to enhance their imagination through ordinary sounds and voices. His installation entitled Etude No11 features 200 steel hangers at varying levels with two fans. Okuno also displays a piece called The Way I Hear.

Vietnamese artist Tuan inspired audiences to think about the social relationships of human beings through his performance at the opening ceremony on October 28 and his photographs at the exhibition.

In his project Celebration of OurMoment and Love, he leaves a lot of space for people to participate and create the central part of the piece as if he is exchanging the role between the spectators and himself as an artist.

The exhibition runs until November 20 at 27 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi. There will be talks by the artists at 7pm on November 3 at Nha San Studio, 462 Buoi Road.
(Source: VNA)

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